Photography, a wonderful way to connect with and share love & beauty

By connecting with the sacred joyful stillness that is always patiently waiting for me within my heart and soul, I look around and, inevitably,  beauty is there smiling at me…   

My life so far: 11 – The Newspaper and the discovery of Photography

“..and more requested to take pictures and after a few weeks I officially became the photo reporter of the newspaper..”


Marco Missinato is a self taught artist who makes use of music, photography and words to expand his level of self awareness, a process which is guided by his heart and imagination.

His photography is the result of a deep communion with the profound stillness of the “Here and Now” which he inevitably finds overtime he looks at the world through his camera lenses.

Whether created in a beautiful natural environment, in the streets of a city, within the eyes of a person or from inside an ordinary building, his images witness the soulfulness and beauty which are present in every corner of the Planet and every single moment of Life’s existence. Such presence is constantly confirmed to Marco in every heartfelt creative process in which he engages himself.

“The heart desire of a Photographer is to show how every moment of our life is filled with soulfulness and beauty.” – Marco Missinato

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